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<span class="bold">app</span>yourself edits and publishes an online marketing suite which allows SMBs to seize new opportunities brought by the web, the mobile and social networks in order to develop and retain their customers simply and efficiently.

About us


Changes in consumer behaviors -from using computers to mobile phones or tablets - represent a new challenge - for companies. appyourself edits and publishes a web + mobile + social marketing suite which responds to the latest web technologies in order for companies to take advantage of the full potential and opportunities brought by these new modes of digital consumption.Based in Paris, in the heart of the "Silicon Sentier", the Internet and Technology neighborhood, appyourself has long been developing websites, mobile sites as well as applications (iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Facebook) for big accounts or corporations. This expertise allowed them to design and develop this unique and multiscreen solution which is affordable for SMBs so they can also benefit from today's multiplicity of digital channels.

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